Some examples of applications conceived by ArcheoVerse that the staff can implement and customize according to the specifications agreed with the users and the customers.

#1 Virtualization of archaeological sites and their enhancement through metaverse and improvement of visitors’ user experience.

The user experience and the citizens’ active participation on social media – also within the framework indicated by the Faro Convention – together with the dissemination of the results obtained, create additional interest for new audiences. The entire project generates the critical mass needed to feed the process of global dissemination of the revaluation of archaeological assets.

#2 Citizens’ Co-participation in governance

The citizens’ assembly is gaining popularity globally as opposed to decisions led exclusively by lobbyists and movers and shakers. That means that ordinary people must investigate, discuss, agree, and make independent recommendations that governments must listen to. The guidelines of these participatory processes are initiatives focused on collaboration and dialogue, which improve citizens’ awareness and commit them to identify practical ways to address universal issues, such as, for example, the dramatic effects of climate change on the environment and the cultural heritage. Finding appropriate and comprehensive solutions to complex problems related to climate change requires multifaceted and multi-generational perspectives, representing the entire population in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, level of education, geography, and degree of health.

# 3 (spare) Applications for teenagers and children

We aim to educate, engage and entertain students in the effort to understand the most pressing issues in contemporary society.  For this purpose, we will provide opportunities to engage inactive and participatory thinking focused on a new sustainable way of living. The youngsters need to learn how to become future decision-makers who put forward their interests of the whole community and environmental sustainability as the main focus especially those relating to the effects of climate change on cultural heritage.